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I have completed the Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training. How can I use this toward the Master's Program?

Congratulations! You have already completed Module 1!

To move forward with the Master's Program, you can register for Modules 2 and 3.  

Module 2: Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training

Complete 9 courses through a school year or calendar year program. 

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching
  • Equitable Teaching
  • Accessible Teaching
  • Community-Based Teaching
  • Healing-Centered Teaching
  • Teaching Chair Yoga
  • Teaching Restorative Practices
  • Teaching Yoga – Advanced
  • Yoga Philosophy & Social Change

Module 3: Practicum & Capstone

Complete a 2 semester program in parallel with or after Module 2. 

  • Design your Initiative: Design a plan to enhance well-being in your school or community
  • Implement your Initiative: Implement your well-being initiative in your school or community
  • Document your Impact: Document the impact of your well-being initiative on your community

You can find the dates for each of these modules here