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How will my district recognize my degree?

Breathe For Change’s Post-Graduate Certificate and Master’s Program are administered through Woolf, a European Higher Education Institution. When you complete a certificate or degree through an international university such as Woolf, you'll need to go through a simple process to have your transcript recognized by your U.S. school district or other institution.

Getting Your Degree or Certificate Recognized

1. Confirm that your district or institution accepts Master’s Degrees and/or Post-Graduate Certificates for pay scale advances

2. Request your official transcript from Woolf upon completion of your program.

3. Get your European Degree or Certificate Verified by a Credential Evaluation Service recognized by your district (we recommend ECE or FIS).

4. The Evaluation Service will send confirmation to your district of its U.S. equivalency, and you will begin to receive the benefits.* 

*Breathe For Change will cover the evaluation fee. In the highly unlikely event that your degree is not verified by the evaluator, Breathe For Change will work with you to reverse this decision. If we cannot, we will offer you a full refund of all tuition paid toward the degree. This has never happened with a degree from any of Woolf’s 20+ member colleges.