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What is the Cohort Change Policy for the Master's Program?

You may transfer your program enrollment to another available cohort. To officially request a cohort change, complete and submit this request form.

  • If you request the change more than 7 days prior to the first live session of your current cohort, your deposit and all payments will transfer over to the new cohort. 
  • If you submit the request within 7 days prior to the start of the first live session of training, or any time after the first live session of training, you will owe an additional $199 cohort change fee.
    • If you are on an in-house payment plan, you have two options
      • Your next monthly payment will be your cohort change fee, and your remaining payments will continue as scheduled the following month
      • You will pay the cohort change fee and your monthly tuition payment in the month of your cohort change
    • If you have already paid for your training in full, your cohort change fee will be charged to the card on file upon receipt of your form submission.
  • Cohort change requests must be submitted before the last live session of training. Cohort change requests received after the last live session of training will be charged the full tuition to attend a future session.