What professional development credits are available upon completion of a Breathe For Change Course?

Note: Breathe For Change credit options are completely optional.

Depending on where you live, your school, district, organization, or department might only require your Breathe For Change certification to recognize your training hours! Or, they might require more specific credits in partnership with a University. Please contact your personnel department for information about what is specifically required for your professional development hours and salary advancement.

You must complete all of your training requirements and earn your Breathe For Change certification before you can register for the credit option below.

from the University of the Pacific's Courses4Teachers Program

  • Chair Yoga for Educators & Students graduates may purchase 1 credit.
  • Mindful Classroom Management graduates may purchase 2 credits. 

Course credits require a separate registration and payment of $99 per credit.

You must register within one year of receiving your certification.

Learn more about how to register via this link to the Courses4Teachers website.

Contact courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net if you or your employer has questions about their credit or registration process. 

Note: Trainees and their districts often ask about the difference between PD course credits and CEUs. Here is a clarification from Courses4Teachers: "What California refers to as PDUs (Professional Development Units) are often labeled as 'CEUs' (Continuing Education Units) or 'Semester Hours' in school districts on the east coast. Regardless of the label, we are speaking of the same graded, graduate-level courses, that require 15 hours per semester unit/credit. [You can] assure your district that all our courses grant graduate-level professional development semester credits, and each credit requires a minimum of 15 hours of coursework."