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What materials will I need to participate in the Breathe For Change Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training?

In addition to the required technology, you will need the following materials available during training: 

  • 1 yoga mat - We recommend a mid-range mat that is firm and durable. Avoid overly padded/cushioned mats as they are not as stable to practice on. Carrying cases are optional.

  • 2, 4-inch blocks - We highly recommend 4" blocks in cork or sturdy foam.

  • 1 strap - 8 ft with D-ring

  • 1 durable yoga blanket - Please note that many yoga websites list these blankets as being "Mexican style." We recommend that if you do purchase a blanket in a traditional Mexican style, that you do so from a Mexican artisan or business rather than companies that have appropriated this style of blanket.

  • 1 large rectangular bolster

  • Water bottle

  • Pen + Journal

  • What to wear - Wear clothes that allow you to feel comfortable while practicing yoga and sitting for long stretches of time. 

These can be props you already own, you can create yourself (see the DIY section below!), or you can purchase them for a heavily discounted rate at yogadirect.com.

Breathe For Change now also offers yoga mats, blocks, and other gear on our online store

Note: You will need enough space to be able to roll out your mat and practice yoga safely (i.e. reach your arms overhead/out to the side without knocking things over).


If the price of props is outside of your budget, there are additional options to make acquiring props more affordable!

  • Make your own! A blanket from home will work just as well as one you order. Use a large, sturdy book to replace a block, or make your own! Take an oversized pillowcase and stuff it with two firm pillows for your own bolster! The options are endless. Here is an article with additional information to get you started.

  • Make an Amazon wishlist and share it with your family, friends, and social networks to help fund your materials.

  • Create a DonorsChoose Project to help fund your training and include the materials in your fundraising goals.
  • If you would prefer a meditation cushion in addition to a bolster, we recommend this meditation cushion by our local Madison partner Sit with Bhumi.