What documentation can I use to request school funding for Breathe For Change?

For the Breathe For Change Mindfulness, SEL and Yoga Teacher Training

  • Here you will find a justification letter that you can use when speaking with your administration about funding your Breathe For Change training. 
  • You can utilize your district’s ESSER funds to bring Breathe For Change to your school or district as well! Here’s an ESSER funding justification letter that details how Breathe For Change can support some of your district’s most critical initiatives related to educator and student well-being.
  • You may also find this Executive Summary helpful. It provides a broad overview of who we are and what we do, something that will assist you in demonstrating the benefits of the training to your district's administration.
  • Here is our Breathe For Change Research & Impact Overview 

For the Breathe For Change Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training