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What is the attendance policy for the Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training?

While we highly recommend that you join us for all Live Days if possible, we understand that conflicts may arise, and it’s completely okay for you to miss some of our live time. You will make up the missed training hours by watching the recordings and completing any of the breakout practice-teaching with family and/or friends. Live Day recordings will be posted in the "LIVE SESSIONS & RESOURCES" modules of your curriculum within 24 hours after the sessions end.
It's also important to check in with your Community Group via the group's communication space in the platform. You will be invited to access this space by the end of Live Day 2.

*Please note: If you are no longer able to participate in the training, it is your responsibility to communicate with our team at support@breatheforchange.com to make any needed changes to your registration.