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What is the format of the Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training?

The Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training will consist of both live sessions and on-demand content.

Upon registration, you will receive access to your Training Curriculum. You will also receive access to the Breathe For Change Membership, which will remain available to you for the duration of your training.

The Training Curriculum will at first consist of your Welcome Module(s).

To begin each section of your curriculum, you will have a live weekend of training, with live days running from 9am to 3pm Pacific Time. After each live weekend, we will publish more on-demand modules for you to complete to enhance your learning, teaching, and leadership.

You will also have live Tuesday evening sessions scheduled between the weekends, which run from 4pm to 6pm Pacific Time. In these shorter meetings, we will connect and check in on your learning.

You can find all of the live session dates here.

Between your first and last live training day, we recommend spending about 20 hours per month focused on your on-demand lessons, personal yoga practices, and the implementation of your learnings in your own community.

Our final training weekend will be a TEACHing Summit to celebrate all that you've learned and accomplished!