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What is the payment policy for the Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training?

Tuition Payments
By registering for the training you agree to pay the full tuition amount, minus any discounts you received upon registration. Tuition for the Transformative TEACHing and Leadership Training must be paid in full no later than your cohort's extension deadline.

Autopay Policy
If you have registered for the training with the Breathe For Change in-house payment plan, your monthly tuition payment will process automatically, on the same day of each month. This payment date is based on the date you made your initial deposit.

Failed Payment Policy
In the event that your tuition payment fails, the payment will automatically reattempt up to 4 times. After 4 failed payment attempts, curriculum access will be suspended. If you do not respond to Breathe For Change failed payment outreach within 7 days of the 4th failed payment, you will be withdrawn from the training space.

Additional Costs 
You acknowledge that you are responsible for any additional costs incurred to participate in the Breathe For Change Digital Training(s), including, but not limited to: yoga mat, yoga props, any equipment for tech requirements, printed hardcopies of training documents, etc.