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What is the attendance policy for the Breathe For Change Digital 200-hour Mindfulness, SEL and Yoga Teacher Training? What happens if I miss a session?

It is incredibly important for you to participate in the live sessions in order to meet the Yoga Alliance’s practice-teaching requirements as well as successfully plan and teach the required Yoga Class Finale. We highly recommend that you join us for ALL live sessions if possible. However, we understand that you may need to miss time for conflicts that arise.

Attendance Requirements:

  • If you miss any part of a Live Day, you will make up the hours missed by watching the recorded live session and completing the associated breakout room practices (ex. you might explore a discussion prompt in your journal, or practice-teach with someone in your household). The recordings and any additional instructions about making up the hours will be posted in your Training Curriculum within 24 hours of the end of the Live Day.
  • Missing live hours will also impact the community. Be sure to check in with your Community Group and Mentor about your absence so that they are aware (you will receive an invitation to connect virtually with your Community Group and Mentor by the end of Live Day 2).
  • Live days 9 through 12 are especially central to your experience in planning and teaching the Asana Yoga Class Finale. We will need advanced notice of any conflicts that you may have with these sessions so that we can best support you and your teaching team. You can find the training dates here for clarification. If you need to miss any time over your last four live days (i.e. the last two weekends for monthly-meeting cohorts), fill out this form to let our team know that you will not be present.

Your participation in live sessions is essential to your own learning, and will deeply contribute to the overall experience of the entire community. If you find that many of the live sessions conflict with other commitments, or you start to feel like you are falling behind with the content, you might consider switching to a future cohort. You can find the cohort change policy here.


*Please note: If you are no longer able to participate in the training, it is your responsibility to communicate with our team at support@breatheforchange.com to make any needed changes to your registration.